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18ct Yellow Gold Womens Wedding Rings

Plain Gold Wedding Rings

The earliest known examples of wedding rings, worn to indicate that the wearer is married, are derived from ancient Egypt around 6,000 years ago. The western custom for exchanging wedding rings is derived from Roman and Greek traditions. The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger on either the left or right hand, the left being the most commonly used.

Plain gold wedding rings are the most traditional of wedding ring styles. These days almost anything goes when it comes to creative wedding ring design, but not so long ago almost all wedding rings would have been classified as 'plain'. Plain simply means that the ring is unaddorned with external engraving or stylistic design elements. Although plain in style, these rings are available in a range of ring profiles which feel different on the hand. When selecting your ring profile it is always a good idea to try-before-you-buy as most people keep their wedding ring on, almost all of the time, so it is essential that it is comfortable and fits in alongside your other finger jewellery.

18 Carat Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is simply the term used to refer to what we would all recognise as standard gold in colour. All gold that is used to make jewellery is in fact an alloy of multiple metals, one of which is pure gold. Jewellery cannot be created from pure gold as it is simply too soft and malleable. The addition of other metals, to create an alloy, makes the gold tougher, more hard-wearing and much more suitable for the creation of fine jewellery.

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