9ct White Gold Wedding Rings

9-carat white gold wedding rings

How do you define your love story? Every couple has a beautifully unique story that deserves beautifully crafted, white gold wedding rings. Wedding rings in white gold are forever timeless and make a beautiful ring for when you exchange vows on your big wedding day. At Orla James, we specialise in all things wedding, including wedding bands in different metal types from our gorgeous collection. We are a family-run jewellery shop based in England with many ring styles and different types of gold, including white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. This article won't focus on rose gold or yellow gold but instead on gorgeous white gold wedding rings - an incredible choice for a wedding band - all for an incredible price.

We are confident you will shop for your perfect wedding ring for your special occasion in our extensive wedding ring collection. However, we also offer a special jewellery service where we create a totally unique white gold wedding ring for you, based on your preferences and price point. What's more, we have a create your own service - which is the chance for couples to create and shop for their white gold wedding rings in our jewellery shop with the help of our fabulous, talented jewellery designers. You'll spend the day making your perfect choice picking the style, whether you want a diamond setting, how it matches your engagement ring and other details. You don't require any jewellery designing experience for this wedding band creation experience! If you're curious about what to expect from the day of creating your white gold wedding rings, you can watch this video!

Types of 9-carat white gold weddings rings

At Orla James, we believe that white gold makes the perfect wedding ring. White gold is an alloy composed of pure gold mixed with durable metal types like zinc, nickel, and copper, giving white gold its strength and its shimmering silver-like colour, yet white gold is significantly more shiner and stunning than silver. 9ct white gold is a strong option for a beautiful ring that will last years - and for a much more realistic price than higher carat options such as 18ct.

One of the best parts of white gold is its versatility.

We offer the following:

Classic Court is considered one of the most comfortable ring styles in our brand collection. This ring style has a round profile, and this round feature makes a comfortable and natural fit around the finger. A nice feature is that you can select your ring size in either chunkier or slim line widths in a choice of sizes. This collection is great to shop for couples that want a matching his and hers wedding ring!

D-Shaped is a super popular ring in our collection that couples love to shop for! It is considered a traditional ring, with a flat ring the size with round, polished edges that sit on the finger comfortably, nicely hugging your engagement ring.

Flat Court which is a cool mix in our brand collection of contemporary and traditional for 9ct white gold. The ring is flat on the exterior and curved on the interior for extra curved comfort. This is a good choice to accentuate the shine of any diamond or other stone added to your ring!

The patterned collection is becoming a more popular wedding band as it shows off one's personality a little more. Our gorgeous collection of patterned rings includes beaded finished, offset grooves, and milgrain edges.

The possibilities are still bigger than this though! There are also twisted, wishbone and diamond set collections! Diamond additions really do add a whole new dimension to white gold wedding rings. The sparkle from the diamond set can't be beaten!

Caring for your white gold rings

Of course, you want your beautiful wedding band to last for a lifetime. So we do we! That is why our jewellery brand offers you a lifetime of care with rhodium plating and polishing of your white gold ring - at no added price! To maintain the stunning shine of this 9ct white gold wedding ring style, you need to clean it at least annually. If you want to clean your ring at home or in between your visits to our store, it's important to be super careful with your wedding band as white gold is much more sensitive than other metals or yellow gold and rose gold. You'll want to wash your yellow gold ring with a gentle soap or a proper jewellery cleaner then use a cloth to gently wash it. We recommend this useful video to help keep your lovely ring bright and shiny like new!

Are 9ct white gold wedding rings fashionable?

Absolutely it is! We can't imagine a day when gold won't be the perfect choice for a big wedding day! Gold is timeless, chic, and stunning. When you opt for a white gold wedding band, you'll be joining the rank of stylish A-list celebrities. Some elegant celebrities who love this gold are Amanda Seyfriend, Julianne Hough, and of course - the flawless Kate Middleton, who received a white gold as a family heirloom.

How Orla James can Help

Orla James has 98% of positive reviews and ratings - making us a top choice for happy couples to find their dream white gold wedding ring. We are dedicated to creating a high-quality ring collection and we will support you throughout the entire process. The first stage of our shop experience is our free ring size, which can be delivered to your home, to determine the perfect ring size. Then, we offer sample rings, delivered to you for you to try. Our special pieces are available at price points, with rings often up to 60% off from other high street shops.


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