Wedding Rings For Women

Women's wedding rings 

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. After so much wedding planning, anticipation and excitement, you deserve the perfect wedding band to romantically symbolize your everlasting love and commitment. You’ll be wearing it forever, after all! 
At Orla James, our stunning collection of ladies' wedding rings includes classic and contemporary designs, appealing to brides of all types -whatever your personal style. Our wedding rings include a wide range of metals,  stone, cut and overall design. 

One of the top services that we offer is our made to order wedding rings. This special offer grants couples access to our charming jewellery shop in Sussex, England, where they spend the day designing the ring style of their dreams. Couples do not require any design experience as the day is led by an experienced jeweller who will support you in your creation.  The wedding ring can be a simple ring or you can incorporate plenty into one ring adding stones, patterns and shapes, for anyone who wished for something like diamond wedding rings.  After your magical designing day, within 2-3 weeks, your wedding band will be delivered safely right to your home. 

Regardless of if you design your own wedding rings or select one from our collection, you can access our free engraving service, which can be done pre or post-wedding day. Engraving adds a beautiful sense of personalization and sentimentality that makes your wedding rings extra special.

Types of women's wedding rings

There are multiple factors that go into choosing the right wedding ring including shape, metal, and ring band, all within different price points. Since you already have your engagement ring, you will want to shop for your wedding ring with it on, so you can ensure they flow beautifully together. 

Do you have a jewellery metal that you prefer? It is incredibly important to be mindful when choosing your metal, especially if you have an active lifestyle or work with your hands. Are you a bride who appreciates gold? Great choice and you’ll be joining history, as gold has been the top wedding band metal since as early as 560BCE! Gold is bright, bold and timeless and we offer 22ct gold, 18ct and 9ct gold.  For traditional women, the perfect choice for you may be an 18ct yellow gold wedding ring.  Yellow gold is a precious metal that won't tarnish for years to come and has hypoallergenic properties so yellow gold will keep your skin safe when interacting with any household chemicals and sunshine. Yellow gold gets its lovely shade due to its mixture of alloy metals like copper and zinc.  White gold is another perfect choice, as its appearance is almost silver so it's a great choice if you intend on adding diamonds, jewels, or a gemstone to your wedding rings. For a charming pink/orange hue, you can opt for rose gold wedding rings. If you didn't know, rose gold gets its colour from added copper. The gold content makes a rose gold ring equally as durable and precious as other coloured 9ct gold, and as heavy, which many people like. 

Then, there are other precious and popular metals available for ladies' wedding rings. We offer platinum, titanium and tungsten. Platinum is increasingly popular due to its durability, scratch resistance and inability to tarnish. Platinum is a gorgeous choice for busy, on the go women.  Interestingly, titanium is considered very opposite of gold in terms of appearance and durability. It’s a silvery-white metal in appearance, which is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Finally, we offer tungsten. Tungsten is a steel coloured metal that is resistant and durable, and it’s almost impossible to scratch! 

Our brand stocks plenty of options for shapes, including:

  • Court Shaped: Comfortable to wear due to the curvature on the outside and the inside, and less likely to catch on clothing. 

  • D shaped: D shaped are rounded on the outside but flat on the inside.

  • Flat Court: Curved on the inside for comfort, but flat on the outside.

  • Flat: Flat rings are flat on the inside and outside. 

After determining the shape, it's all about style, and we have plenty of elegant shapes in our collections including plain, patterned, diamond, shaped, and two-toned. The final step is the selection of the polish when our jewellers add to the ring at the end. For our ladies' wedding rings, we offer a mirror, matte, brushed, frosted and hammered finish. 

Caring for your women's wedding ring 

It is good practice to bring your wedding ring to our jewellers annually for a check-up. At Orla James, we are proud to offer free lifetime care and polishing. During the check-up, the wedding band will be checked for any loose settings, worn prongs and any other issues. In between checkups, you can clean your ring by softly scrubbing it with a soft, toothbrush and warm water. You can also watch this tutorial, provided by EHowBeauty. 

Are Women's wedding rings fashionable? 

 Wedding rings for women are timeless regardless of the occasion you wear them. You can look to celebrity women for inspiration! Celebrities like Eva Longoria and Anna Camp both opted for traditional and elegant wedding bands, keeping them plain and beautiful. If you prefer wedding rings that include multiple stones and diamonds you can look to celebrities like Fergie and Cameron Diaz! 

How Orla James can Help You?

When it comes to wedding rings for women, Orla James is the top jeweller choice for your ladies' wedding day. Orla James is committed to delivering high-quality rings and will help you throughout the entire process. Orla Jame’s offers an impressive range of special offers including our free ring size service, sample rings, free delivery on every order, a full refund for a year, a chance to design your very own rings, plus incredible prices!  We also offer free lifetime polishing and free resing. Our company is a family-run jeweller and all of our rings are made lovingly in Great Britain! 

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