Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know 75% of British men buy a gorgeous diamond engagement ring for their lady love? And the classic diamond solitaire accounts for 76% of engagement ring sales? Whether you’re a man on the trail of the perfect engagement ring or a woman wanting to buy yourself a deliciously sparkly piece of precious diamond jewellery just because you’re worth it, you will appreciate our down-to-earth, comprehensive diamond jewellery FAQ.

  • What are OrlaJames diamond jewellery prices like?

    You'll find that our prices are often over 50% cheaper than those you will see in high street stores. As an online store with our own workshop we are able to pass on the reduced overheads to our customers.

  • Do you offer a free ring sizer?

    Yes, a little gadget a bit like a cable tie, which is much more effective than a piece of paper, string or the flimsy printed sizers many jewellery sites provide.

  • Where are diamonds mined?

    Diamonds are mined in just a few places on earth, then sent to cutting centres around the world to be shaped, cut and polished.

  • Is it possible to make ordinary diamonds seem better than they are?

    Yes, diamonds can be artificially treated by irradiating them, filling any fractures and treating them with lasers. It’s perfectly legal as long as the seller tells you the stone is ‘clarity enhanced’. If you don’t know what a term means, look it up online and make sure you’re getting a 100% bona-fide diamond nobody has messed with. On the other hand, clarity-enhanced diamonds are cheaper, which means you gain on size what you lose in natural-ness. It’s up to you.

  • Do you provide free ring resizing?

    Yes. We have also uploaded a handy ring sizer chart to our site to help you translate between UK, European, American and Asian ring sizes.

  • Do you offer a free ring sample service?

    Yes, our bespoke sample service is really popular with our customers.

  • What are the different parts of a ring setting called?

    The setting is the part of the ring that holds the stone. It can be tiny claws, usually called prongs, or a continuous band. The bit that goes around your finger is called the shank. The largest stone is called the centre diamond, called a solitaire if it’s alone. Any supporting diamonds are called accent stones, and if they flank either side of the centre stone, they make up the ring’s ‘shoulders’.

  • Is OrlaJames a member of any Trade Bodies?

    Yes, we belong to The British Jewellers' Association.

  • Do you provide free engraving?

    Yes, whether you want it done before you take delivery or would prefer to have it engraved later, at a time of your choice. If you need to, you can even return your ring or other diamond jewellery after it has been engraved.

  • Do you do free delivery?

    Yes, delivery is free on everything we sell, via Royal Mail Special Delivery, with guaranteed next day delivery.

  • How soon do I need to place my order?

    All our beautiful items are specially made to order, to your exact needs. We recommend you allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, but it’s often faster.

  • What about refunds?

    We promise to provide a refund or exchange on all our diamond jewellery up to a year after your purchase, except earrings – unless they’re faulty.

  • Will you polish my diamond jewellery for me?

    Yes, we’re more than happy to professionally clean and polish your Orla James rings, earrings or pendants – no charge!

  • Will you renew the rhodium plating on my white gold OrlaJames ring?

    Yes, also at no charge.

  • DIY diamond ring design - Do you choose the centre stone first?

    If you want to design your own ring and know what kind of centre stone you want, start with the stone. If you’re more interested in the setting, start with that and take things from there. If you want a platinum setting, for example, explore all your options first: do you prefer a band with accent diamonds, a setting suitable for a cluster of diamonds, or a claw setting for a single big stone? If you’re stuck and could do with some creative support from knowledgeable people, we’re always delighted to help.

  • How much should I pay for a diamond engagement ring?

    How long is a piece of string? Some say the norm is one or two month’s salary, but there are no hard and fast rules. Spend whatever you like and can realistically afford. And enjoy the experience.

  • How do I choose the right jeweller?

    The best jewellers have good local reputations. They have the knowledge needed to be genuinely helpful and are often members of trade associations. A popular jewellery repair service is often a good indication of a proper professional. As such, Orla James has its own workshop and can always help with jewellery questions, issues and repairs.

    Your jeweller should provide a detailed receipt which you can use for insurance purposes, also handy if you need repairs. They will be happy to let you examine their diamond rings and loose stones through a loupe, a specialist jeweller’s magnifying glass. They should also show you the stones against a white background, so you can see the fine detail, spot visible faults and get an accurate idea of the colour.

  • What about buying online?

    Look for an online jeweller who doesn’t just want to sell you a ring. Like any good high street jeweller, you need someone who you can trust to carry out repairs and resizing, and is keen to be there for you for life.

  • What about guarantees?

    We provide a lifetime guarantee on our services.

  • What about OrlaJames terms and conditions?

    The law says UK businesses must provide plain English, clear terms and conditions. Ours are short, sweet, comprehensive and user-friendly.  See ours here.

If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll answer you personally as well as adding suitable new questions to our FAQ.


On the day itself, you just need to turn up at our studio, where you will find ample parking, and prepare to enjoy your unique wedding ring making experience.

Once you have created your rings, they will be presented to you in formal ring boxes, along with a bottle of champagne for you to take away and toast your creative success and your pending wedding day!

If you have any other questions, please see if the answers are on our Questions page, or feel free to contact us any time by phone 01903 331707 or email