18ct Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Rose gold, or commonly known as “pink gold” or “red gold” provides a vintage and romantic glow with its light red tones. Gold itself is one of the most sought after metals on the globe, being one of the most precious metals in existence, and as a result is one of the more traditional metals to be used in wedding jewellery due to its rare status being symbolic of unconditional love. Rose gold, as well as white gold, provides a contemporary coloured twist without compromising the values of traditional wedding rings. But with Orla James, proving your love with a ring doesn’t have to be so costly.

Rose gold is an alloy of pure gold, meaning that it has been combined with several other compounds to make it suitable for use and redesign. The percentages of these alloys are hallmarked onto all rings by law, the number representing the quality and quantity of gold in the ring. Typically, an 18ct rose gold ring is 75% pure gold, with alloys including zinc or silver, and copper to give that pinkish hue.  An 18ct rose gold wedding ring tends to have a much more red tincture than 9ct rose gold, which delivers a much more pink tone.

This being said, an 18ct rose gold wedding ring would not only bestow the characteristics of a gold ring, but the compounds it is also alloyed with. This is because pure gold is too dense and easy to reshape, making it unsuitable for commercial use in its natural form. Commercial gold is alloyed to give a greater comfort and strength, meaning it’s a solid, much more suitable jewellery metal, which has a much more resistant nature from such factors as corrosion and wear damage. The gold is durable and does not react, corrode or tarnish. It makes an ideal choice for making pieces of jewellery, such as wedding rings that need to last a lifetime. The excellent all round properties of 18ct rose gold makes it indispensable for the creation of exquisite designer jewellery.

Gold is also renowned for its lustre and luminous shine, and rose gold even more so, delivering a pink glow that is pleasant to the eye. An 18ct rose gold wedding ring with its beautiful coppery look has a timeless classic appeal that is hard to resist. It is the perfect way to celebrate the most special day of your life.

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