18ct Rose Gold Wedding Rings for Men

Wedding Rings for Men

The only thing that makes a wedding ring a mans wedding ring is if it is worn by a man. If a wedding ring is worn by a woman it immediately becomes a womans wedding ring. But you will see some design and stylistic differences between mens and womens wedding rings. Some mens rings will tend to have wider bands than their womens counterparts. Also, ring sizes (diameters) for men tend to be a little larger. And the mens ring designs can sometimes be a little chunkier than the womens.

18 Carat Rose Gold

Rose gold is a wonderful precious metal that has a wonderfully warm, rosie red appearance. People love this metal because it doesn't look cold, like platinum or silver, and is that little bit more distinct from regular gold, in colour.

18 Carat Rose Gold contains no less than 75% pure gold. Other metals are added to provide strength and durability as well as introduce the wonderful rosie tone. This is achieved through the addition of copper to the Gold alloy. A wonderful 18 carat rose gold wedding ring is a fine choice to make which you will certainly never regret.

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