Silver Wedding Rings

To maximise wedding budgets and keep things simple, many couples tend to buy matching plain silver wedding bands. In terms of style, silver remains as one of the most fashionable items of our modern era, and with our range here at Orla James you cannot go wrong. With it’s affordable nature and light tones, it is easily paired with other ring metals and is found in all kinds of jewellery, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It is easily partnered with other items of jewellery, such as engagement rings or darker metal rings like rose gold or yellow gold. To try out our wedding rings, why not take a look at our Sample Service, in which you can order a selection of our silver rings in multiple sizes and shapes to test them before you buy. All for a small fee which is refunded to you if you place an order with us.

Silver is one of the shiniest metals ever, with one of the most reflective surfaces and brightest glows to have ever made an appearance in jewellery. Its appearance often compares to many other white metals, such as white gold or palladium, and is a much cheaper way to achieve that bold metallic shine.

This being said, silver’s cost effective nature means that many couples often use silver as a temporary ring for the ceremony, to help maximize wedding budgets or save for a much more expensive ring at a later date. Also, buying a silver wedding ring set is a truly significant representation of unity, as the rings will be matching as opposed to differential. Furthermore, many couples do actually choose silver as a first choice as they are traditional and simple, yet they provide that pure white metal sheen.

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