Conflict-Free Diamonds with Orla James

We at Orla James take great pride in sourcing conflict-free diamonds for use in our jewellery.

Price MatchOur diamonds are mined following the principles of Fair Trade, ensuring that all of our diamonds are free of all human rights abuses such as forced and child labour, murder and torture, and many more horrific incidences caused by conflict diamonds.

Furthermore using fair trade diamonds, we are reinforcing that international miners are given fair wages, education, and effective job training which ultimately provides work, and benefits the local communities.

What are Fair Trade Diamonds?

Ethical origin diamonds help encourage the consistent development of local communities, providing not only jobs for their residents but enabling investments in education and health care. Furthermore ethical diamond mining prevents devastation to local environments, under the strict standards of international environments in order to keep local ecosystems protected. These factors, as well as the prevention of breached human rights, make these diamonds fair trade.

We take great care and pride in ensuring that all of our diamonds are strictly conflict-free.

You can also take pride in your Orla James diamonds, with the knowledge that they have been sourced with care, and that your diamond is part of an amazing process in which we can provide communities across the world with equal opportunities and respect. Orla James diamonds is also eco-friendly, and has been carefully mined in ways that keep the environment protected.

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If you wish to find out more information about our diamond sources or the quality of our diamonds, call us on 01903 331 707, or use our contact form to get in touch.