His and Her's Matching Sets


Do you like things traditional?

Classic Court Ring

This is our comfiest ring profile available, and is also the most traditionally shaped band alongside the D-Shaped ring. These plain bands make the perfect matching set, without looking too masculine or feminine; therefore they are the perfect representation of the unity in your relationship. The ring widths displayed are 4.0 mm (left) and 6.0 mm (right).

His Ring Her Ring


Fancy something more unique?

Flat Court Ring, Grooved Edges, Polished Finish

These rings are a part of our patterned range, showcasing modern grooves that create a much more personal tone than a simple plain band, without steering too far away from traditional shapes and tones. The bandwidths shown in this image are 4.0 mm (left) and 6.0 mm (right).

His Ring Her Ring


Want something that sparkles?

Classic Court Ring, Milgrain Edges, Polished Finish

This set is perfect for the bride with the desire to match her wedding band. The twist ring is perfect for rings with round cut solitaire diamonds, as well as compass set and 6 claw engagement rings. This ring showcases little milgrain lines, which you can match with one of our classic court patterned rings, perfect for the groom to match his bride-to-be.

His Ring Her Ring


His and Hers Wedding Rings 

A power couple is comprised of two people who embody the utmost strength and devotion to one another. They’re 100% dedicated to the other and never fail to support each other’s passions and desires, for a lifetime. And what is the ultimate symbol that every strong couple requires? Matching his and hers wedding rings, of course! Orla James is England based, a family-run jeweller that has been designing stunning jewellery since 2017. Our jewellery includes a wedding ring, engagement ring, and eternal love ring. We are dedicated to making your love story complete with the perfect jewellery - at a reasonable price and with top support from our team! We are confident that you fall head over heels with matching wedding ring sets from our extensive collection, full of different styles of jewellery and rings. 

However, if you don't manage to find wedding bands in our existing collection, we offer a pretty special made to order wedding ring, where you can create a wedding band for one another exactly to your tastes including band, style, metal, and even stones. You will do so right in our shop in England, led by a top jeweller from our team, who will lead you through the entire process for an incredible price. It’s pure magic! 

For no additional price, we offer engraving on all of our jewellery pieces! This can complement all jewellery with a hint of sweet personalization with a hint of romance. The engraving can be done before the wedding or after - whatever you prefer! 

Types of matching wedding bands 

First things first when it comes to his and her wedding rings: do you want your wedding jewellery to match? It can be a very romantic gesture to have matching wedding ring sets, however, it is not for every couple. It may not be for you, for example, if you really want to showcase your unique personality with your wedding ring or if you have extremely different preferences for the details of the ring. However, if you find you have similar likes and tastes, it can be a sign that his and her wedding rings are perfect! 

The next decision to make for your jewellery: would you like your wedding rings to complement or match your engagement ring? If yes, you’ll want to consider how matching specific elements in the ring design is an effective way to establish a clear connection between the two.  Then, comes the decision on the style of the wedding ring sets.

At Orla James our jewellery fit in the following categories:

Classic Court: The classic court shape is a very popular shape due to its comfort, and classic, sleek look. The wedding band has a rounded profile, with curvature on the outside and the outside of the ring, that can be slim or a chunky shape. Due to their shape, they are less likely to catch on to clothing or items, so are considered popular wedding jewellery for active, busy men and women. 

Classic Court with Milgrain Edges: Just like the classic court ring above, but with additional patterned details around the edges for an added sweet touch.

D-Shaped: D shape rings are a traditional approach, that is a top seller. The ring is flat on the inside, with a rounded exterior making it sit comfortably on the finger and sits close to the engagement ring. 

Flat Court: Flat court rings are considered a more contemporary, modern ring in our brand, with both smooth and grove edges with a choice of width and sizes available.

Flat Court with Grooved Edges:  Just like the flat court ring, but with an added hint of details and pattern around the edge of the metal. This jewellery piece is very comfortable, contemporary yet simple. 

Twist Set with Diamonds: Twist set with diamonds draws you in and tells a statement with a central twist and diamond details. The ring has two sides that meet in the middle with a smooth ridge with an edging of milgrain. 

After you select the wedding ring style, you will want to determine which metal and stone you want your wedding ring to have.

You can shop for platinum, palladium, gold, yellow gold, gold, rose gold, white gold, and silver.  As men's and women's hands are so different, jewellery, even matching his and her wedding rings will look different on smaller delicate hands versus strong hands. The best way to see how the wedding bands look is to take advantage of Orla James' incredible sample ring service! This service allows you to order various rings straight from our shop to your door. This lets you see how the wedding ring sets look, their details, the metal and if you like the jewellery, without any added pressure. The price to sample the jewellery is free, bar the cost of delivery. 

Caring for your wedding bands

Of course, his and hers wedding rings do require regular attention to keep the ring on brand and its tip-top style. Orla James offers a lifetime of ring care with free rhodium plating and polishing. You can also clean it at home yourself, so, why not make it a fun date for the happy couple?! Cleaning can be done with warm water and a soft, toothbrush that you can gently scrub the wedding rings with. 

Is matching his and hers wedding rings fashionable? 

Whatever your couple’s unique vibe, wearing a matching his and hers wedding rings is totally fashionable! It shows your commitment to one another through jewellery and is a sign of harmony between the bride and groom. 

 How Orla James can Help with wedding jewellery?

As wedding ring specialists, we invite you to shop our collection of beautiful jewellery pieces, which includes incredible his and hers rings fit for a king and his queen! Ring prices are hard to beat, with up to 50% off other high street shops, allowing you to budget for more wedding fun (or for that dream dress!) We love to support our customers with our impressive range of add ons including rings sampling, delivery on orders, lifetime cleaning, and engraving services for no added price! What's more, we also offer the once in a lifetime chance to design and create your own ring in our shop. We hope to take part in your momentous wedding day by curating the perfect his and her weddings!