18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

The Orla James collection offers a range of affordable 18ct yellow gold wedding rings from a classic plain band to unique patterned designs, keeping tradition in place but with many variations and unique designs on offer. With bold tones, and similar shine and qualities to our 18ct white gold wedding rings you have more choices than ever to bedazzle your wedding guests and wear a glow that’s as bright and ever lasting as your future.

The Qualities of 18ct Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is the traditional tone that has been spread across multiple cultures and religions. This is because the natural appearance of the element is that of yellow gold, which many see as symbolising such aspects as purity and untainted. Generally, 18 carat gold is comprised of 75% pure gold, 12.5% silver and 12.5% copper. Although in rare cases 18 carat gold rings can be comprised of 75% gold, 16% copper and 9% silver. However, no matter what percentage of copper and silver an 18 carat gold ring contains it will always contain 75% pure gold. In comparison, a 9ct gold ring is comprised of only 35% pure gold. The remaining 62.5% of a 9 carat gold ring is usually comprised of a mix of copper and silver. Pure gold is always labelled as 24-carat gold, and no less.

You may be wondering why 22ct and 24ct gold is rarely used to create wedding rings. The simple answer is that 24ct gold, which is also known as pure gold, is generally too soft to be used to create excessive or extravagant jewellery. As well as that, grooms or those in labour based jobs tend to adopt the 18ct yellow gold ring as in general 9ct gold rings are not as resistant to scratches and dents as 18ct gold rings, and so may depreciate in value. 18ct gold rings generally increase in value over time, as their gold bands don't thin out with wear.

The metal itself provides a timeless shine and with a bright glow, often compared to the shine delivered by rings of titanium and palladium.

It is a straightforward process to resize an 18ct gold wedding ring, as 18ct gold is supple and easy to resize. With the Orla James Lifetime Promise, you can have your 18ct yellow gold ring resized for free, as well as a multitude of other lifetime services that include free polish and cleaning and even free engraving.

If you have any questions regarding our 18ct yellow gold wedding rings, or anything else in our range, please feel free to contact our team!

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