18 Carat Yellow Gold Plain Wedding Rings

Plain 18 Carat Gold Wedding Rings

The gold wedding ring dates back to Ancient Egypt, when which grooms would gift their wives with a plain gold band, which marks the first notable exchanges of wedding rings and this tradition has since played an important role within religion and culture.

Our 18-carat gold plain wedding bands remain true to form and provide the simplicity and warm glow that a plain wedding ring should. However personal touches are incredibly important in weddings, especially within things that remain after the big day is over, such as wedding rings. We offer a variety of profiles in 18-carat yellow gold. These profiles are classic court, D-shaped, flat and flat court bands.

For a band that still complies with all traditional values, the classic court ring provides the most traditional shape as it is fully rounded providing a smooth and comfortable fit. These rings also contain the most metal content out of all of our plain profiles, to complete it's rounded appearance. The D-shaped ring also demonstrates a rounded exterior, however this style offers the alternative comforts of a flat band. A flat band is a complete contrast to the style of a classic court ring, demonstrating a modern and contemporary, sleek style. We also offer a flat court ring, which offers the same exterior appearance as a flat band, with the interior rounded comforts of a classic court.

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