9ct Rose Gold Plain Wedding Rings

9 Carat Rose Gold Wedding Rings

There is a huge demand for rose gold amongst today's budding brides and grooms. Rose gold depicts a pink or red hue dependent on carat, and typically a 9-carat rose gold wedding ring is darker than 18-carat.

So what makes rose gold this tone? Rose gold is a gold material that contains alloys to make it suitable to wear, as pure gold is far to soft and would not remain in shape. The alloy that gives the gold a red tint is copper. This as well as silver are alloyed into gold to create the stern and solid metal.

This metal has reached all new highs within the fashion industry, as men and women around the world, and finds popular use in all kinds of jewellery such as watches and chains, as well as rings. Some couples even use rose gold as a colour scheme for their weddings!

Our 9-carat bands are available in all of our basic profiles, being classic court, D-shaped, flat, and flat court. Each provides a unique styles and differential comfort.

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