Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum weddings rings

Engagement rings: check! Partner of your dreams: Check! The perfect wedding rings? Orla James!  Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life - and you should have the perfect wedding band to commemorate it. You need to opt for a ring style and a wedding ring that you will look at daily and feel the joy you did on your wedding day.  We offer a range of rings but a great ring is our platinum wedding ring! Platinum wedding bands are quickly bypassing other types of wedding rings in popularity and platinum wedding bands are a strong metal type that will be durable for decades while maintaining the rings shining and beautiful, lustrous appearance. 

Do you know much about platinum wedding rings!? Platinum rings were discovered back in the 18th century and are considered rare due to the scarcity of deposits around the world, increasing the value and price of the rings.  Platinum rings are made up of natural white metal, that reflects a similar style and looks to silver rings, but without the chance of tarnishing over time. In fact, platinum is considered more durable than both silver and gold. This means that platinum wedding bands will continue to maintain their stunning designs, classic shine and beauty - just like your special someone! If you intend to have diamond wedding bands or add a diamond set, this is all the more reason to opt for platinum wedding rings as the neutral shine compliments any diamonds and various stones wonderfully. 

One way we like to make couples feel extra special is through our complimentary engraving services. This allows you to add a personalized touch to your platinum wedding ring, and due to the strength of the metal, will not impact or tarnish the platinum at all.  If you don't happen to fall in love with a ring style available in our existing collection, we offer a "make your own" jewellery service, where couples can come to our jewellery shop in England and create their very own stunning designs and platinum rings that will be mailed securely in just 2-3 weeks. 

 Why choose platinum wedding rings?

Platinum metal symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, making platinum wedding rings a popular metal. Platinum continues to be a very popular metal, even in line with traditional gold wedding rings, especially for active, busy couples due to the platinum metal being so durable so they don't have to worry about knocking their rings and causing damage!

Platinum wedding rings are available from our brand in a wide variety of shapes and styles:

We have classic court rings, D shaped flat and flat court rings. Are you all about comfort?! You’ll love our brand's classic court ring, which is the most comfortable shape made completely round, to fit naturally and smoothly on any finger. D shaped rings are a very popular option for many couples as they are very traditional, round rings with a curved shape, making them a good shaped option to hug your engagement ring. For a modern and contemporary mix, our brand offers gorgeously shaped flat court rings that have a flat exterior and round interior, for comfort and style. Finally, we offer flat rings shape that is flat on the outside and inside, making them a chic, modern option. These can be made in a wide range of the width of sizes, so you can find the perfect category for you and that will look flush next to your engagement rings. We also stock items in our flat rings collection that includes varied designs, styles and patterns or you can opt for the classic, plain platinum rings. 

Metal Type:

Platinum is hypoallergenic metal making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin and allergies. Platinum wedding rings are also bound to make your partner feel extra special, due to the rare nature of the metal. Plus in affordability terms, the rings that we offer are 60% cheaper than the price of other jewellery shops, but they do tend to have a higher price tag than other metals. If you want to shop for platinum wedding rings, you can take advantage of our brand's free samples, a complimentary service where we send you samples of platinum wedding bands of your choosing to see how the platinum wedding band looks on your hand and finger to ensure its the one for you- it helps us get more results out of the process!

Caring for your platinum wedding ring 

Even though plain platinum rings are a very strong metal type and you will want to take care of your wedding band for it to maintain its beauty over the years.

You should consider the following:

  • Always remove your plain platinum rings (and your engagement ring for that matter!) when using harsh chemicals like bleach

  • Avoid gardening while wearing your platinum wedding ring, especially if it has a diamond

  • set.

  • Store rings separately to avoid any scratches - especially those with a diamond set.

  • Bring your platinum pieces to our shop in England bi-annually or after significant damage for cleaning

You can also take measures to clean your platinum wedding rings at home with a simple solution of mild soap and warm water or you can buy a specially formulated cleaner for gold and platinum jewellery. Whichever method you go with, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the platinum wedding bands gently, then dry with a clean cloth. 

Are platinum wedding rings fashionable? 

Anything as rare as platinum is always going to be in style! There are many couples who are choosing platinum ring style over any other type of ring style and are loving it!  Platinum rings are also popular amongst A list celebrities couples including Miranda Kerr, Ciara, Sofia Vergara and more!

Why choose Orla James for your wedding ring? 

Orla James is a brand that truly cares about delivering the right platinum wedding rings for every couple. As a family-run jeweller, our brand has been specializing in weddings and engagements since 2017 and we are registered with the British Jewellers Association.  Since our shop and collection have been a part of countless couples' happy days, we have helped with the creation and design of many rings in our shop and wrapped up many gifts! Each engagement and wedding ring we make and design is done with love and care at a price you will be happy with. We also offer ring and stone cleaning, complimentary engraving, complimentary samples and free delivery on all of our orders. We’re a jewellery shop that you can trust! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is delivery for Orla James Rings?

Our rings are delivered completely free! You don't pay for a thing.

Can platinum rings be worn every day?

Platinum is very durable, making it great jewellery for everyday use. Platinum is highly resistant to stress and withstands both extreme heat and extreme cold, which means platinum jewellery will retain its good looks better than any other metal type.

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