Wedding Ring Samples

Try Before You Buy

Finding the perfect wedding ring can be quite a challenge when faced with a multitude of styles.

At Orla James, we offer a sample service that allows you to try on our wedding rings in the comfort of your own home.

With our sample service, you get the unique opportunity to wear the wedding ring of your choice before making a purchase, helping to assure you that you are selecting the ideal ring for your special day.

Discover the freedom of trying sample wedding rings with Orla James. Explore our collection and order your free ring samples today, so you can confidently choose the perfect wedding ring that matches your style and personality.

The sample service is only available for wedding rings and only in the UK.

Helping you make the right decision

Wear your ring for a whole week before purchase

Sample your ring in the comfort of your own home

Get a FULL refund on your sample when you return it to us

Sample Rings

Benefits Of Our Wedding Ring Sample Service

Get a sense of the comfort

Ensure your ring is the style and size that’s perfect for you

Take your time and discuss with your partner

Sample Services

Wedding Ring Samples: Comfort, Style, Time

At Orla James, we understand that choosing the perfect wedding ring goes beyond just the visual appeal.

By ordering our free ring samples, you can truly get a sense of the comfort our rings offer. Wearing a sample ring lets you feel how it fits on your finger throughout the day, ensuring maximum comfort for your special day and beyond.

With our wedding ring samples, you can also ensure that the style and size of the ring are absolutely perfect for you. Trying on different samples allows you to see how each design complements your personal style, ensuring that you select a wedding ring that reflects your unique taste and preferences. Plus, you can experiment with various sizes to find the ideal fit for your finger.

We believe that choosing a wedding ring is a momentous decision that should be shared and discussed with your partner. With our samples, you can take your time and involve your partner in the selection process. Try on the different samples together, discuss the designs, and make a choice that represents your unity and a shared vision for your future.

Experience the benefits of our wedding ring samples service at Orla James and confidently make an informed decision, knowing that you've found the perfect ring for your special day.

How to order samples

Choose your ring and click the "Request Sample" button.

Sample Request

If you’re not sure which ring size you need, we recommend ordering a free ring sizer to measure your finger to get an accurate measurement.

Choose as many samples as you like.


There will be a processing payment of £2 per sample (refunded upon return of your sample rings).

Receive your sample(s) by 1st class Recorded Delivery.

Usually the sample service takes a week to deliver.


Return the sample(s) in a prepaid return envelope within 7 days.

If you’d like to keep your ring(s) for a longer period, just contact our customer services team on 01903 331707 to let us know.

We will refund the FULL cost on the same day that the ring(s) are returned to and received by us.

The Small Print

How our samples differ from the real thing

  • - Samples are unhallmarked silver examples. All of them are medium weight.
  • - Silver is less dense than other precious metals such as platinum and gold. The samples will therefore feel much lighter when worn.
  • - If your particular design requirements are out of stock, we’ll provide you with two samples that combine the attributes of your specific selection. We will of course let you know by email about the alternative choices we are sending you.