Plain Wedding Rings

Plain Wedding Bands

There is a saying that ‘less is more’ and with our plain wedding rings, you’ll find that simplicity can also mean elegance, beauty, and sophistication. Many in fact opt for a plain wedding ring as they also see it as traditional and timeless. Women tend to want a simple design to complement and elevate the beauty of their engagement ring. While men, less accustomed to wearing jewellery, time and again favour the subtlety of a Classic Court Ring. Whether you are looking for a platinum, palladium, white gold or yellow gold ring - at Orla James we offer a wide selection of wedding rings in plain designs.

For those who feel more adventurous or seek to break away from traditional wedding sets, we also have patterned and diamond wedding rings that offer more unique alternatives, which are also available at affordable prices. We at Orla James also have alternative options that grow more and more popular with each passing year, presenting differential shapes and styles from the simple wedding rings, yet offer classic style also. We understand that a wedding ring is one of the defining symbols of marriage and commitment, so we furthermore offer our customers the chance to create their own ring, from the finish of the ring to engraving options; we want our customers to love and cherish their definitive piece of jewellery, the wedding ring.

Please enjoy browsing our range in the knowledge that we also provide a lifetime guarantee and free polishing service. If you are still undecided feel free to try before you buy with our sample service. Regarding any further queries or concerns about our available ranges, feel free to chat to our online consultants.

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