9ct Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

9-carat yellow gold wedding rings

Looking for the perfect wedding ring to celebrate your marriage? Well, every couple deserves gold wedding rings, of course! With Orla James, you can shop our jewellery brand stock items including many beautiful yellow gold wedding rings that will get you excited for your big day. We are a family-run jewellery shop based in West Sussex, England, that specializes in all things gold and wedding! We are proud of our extensive collection of gold wedding rings and specifically, our yellow gold wedding rings collection! Depending on your style, price point, and wedding details, we offer jewellery for a lifetime.

If you're unable to shop for the yellow gold ring of your dreams in our existing collection, one of the top services we offer is that we can design and create a customized ring for your wedding which will really heighten the special occasion! We also offer the opportunity to design your very own yellow gold wedding ring with our 'Make your Own services' right in our jewellery shop in England. This allows you to design two amazing yellow gold rings with the support of our jewellery experts. You don't require any designing experience as we will guide you through the entire process! Within 2-3 weeks a special delivery will arrive: your yellow gold rings delivery will arrive right to your door for no added price! What's more, for no extra cost, we offer engraving on gold rings as this metal type takes the engraving great. Engraving is a wonderful way to elevate your ring and make the ring personalized.

Types of yellow gold rings?

What is yellow gold and how is different to other gold types? Well, yellow gold is considered the most natural form of the gold metal type, when compared to other coloured gold such as white gold and rose gold. Shop our gold metal type which comes in a yellow gold-tone, making it one of the rarest metal types in the world! 9ct gold contains a lower gold content, with some alloy, with our collection and jewellery of 9ct yellow gold containing 37.5% gold. The alloy, makes our 9ct gold rings strong and durable, making it jewellery that will last a lifetime, which is perfect for wedding rings! Yellow gold rings are a great choice if you are looking for a ring for life at an incredible price. Depending on your style, we offer a large category of rings in our collection to suit your needs. If you want your ring to be plain and speak for itself, shop our wide range category of plain gold rings, in classic court, d shaped, flat court and flat ring. If you're somebody that is drawn to patterned 9ct yellow gold rings, we have a wide collection in this category, too!

These rings come in polished edges, grooved edges and bevelled edges. For the couples that love diamonds and sparkle, we have a collection of yellow gold ring with diamonds to shop in different style, including channel set, claw set, half set and full diamonds set. Diamonds are often paired with yellow gold due to tradition and historic uses. For jewellery that is a little less traditional, we have 9ct yellow gold shaped rings. In this category, you can shop the many options including a wishbone, twist, angle shaped, point-shaped and more - with the option to add diamonds, too! For your groom interested in our brand, we suggest they shop our patterned and shaped collection as these are these are our most popular options amongst men! For the special occasion, you need to ensure you shop for the right ring! To help our customers shop for something they are guaranteed to love, we offer a Sample Service. This service gives you the chance to order different fits, styles and sizes in our collection and try them at home. All you need to pay for is delivery!

Caring for your yellow gold jewellery

As gold is considered a very precious metal type, it requires regular care and attention. When you shop with our brand in the Orla James collection, your jewellery is guaranteed for a lifetime, which includes professional cleaning and polishing services. We will also check that any gemstone or diamond remains intact and is secure. You can also clean your yellow gold at home regularly, using specialized jewellery cleaners. It is also possible to clean your yellow gold carefully with warm water, washing up liquid, and a soft toothbrush. You will need to scrub the ring gently if you do this and be careful not to add any other ingredients! We love to suggest this helpful video to all our customers which offer great advice.

Is my yellow gold ring considered fashionable?

Definitely! Gold is always going to be in style and hold its status! Back in the day, yellow gold became one and the same with a traditional and classic style. Yellow gold is warm and radiant that can elevate any ring design to a beautiful, luxury status. If you shop for 9ct yellow gold you'll be joining the category of many trendy celebrities who love yellow gold including Emma Roberts and Jessica Biel. Despite how expensive this collection may appear, don't be alarmed! Our brand is dedicated to offering our yellow gold products up to 60% off another high street price!

How Orla James can Help You

As a family-run and operated jewellery shop, we are dedicated to enhancing your wedding ring shopping experience and have been supporting couples since 2012. We believe your special yellow gold ring should tell a beautiful story of your unique love story. Our 9ct gold wedding rings are designed with love - all within a realistic price! We offer extensive services at our shop, which include: free delivery, free polishing, free ring sizer, free ring sample, and free engraving! We also offer couples the chance to design their own ring or create their own with an Orla James jeweller. With our extensive range and collection, we are sure you will find something that matches your personal style - whatever it is!

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