Wedding Rings and Bands for Men

Men's wedding rings

Traditionally, all the wedding day arrangements and details are focused on keeping the bride happy. But what about the groom?! At Orla James, we believe that all grooms deserve stunning wedding rings in the ring style of their dreams - so we offer a wide range of men's wedding rings in our collection. Whatever your style, preferred metal type and price, we have the wedding ring for you.

Browse our collection of traditional rings, balanced with contemporary options all at an amazing price. Shop our men's ring material which is available in two metals: platinum, palladium, and a range of gold: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

As we are so dedicated to getting you your forever wedding ring, our luxury brand also offers rings made to order, depending on your price point! When couples opt for this experience, they get exclusive use of our high street jewellery store based in England.

This experience pairs couples with our expert team of jewellers, who offer their expert advice throughout the design process, including the selection of materials between metals and gold, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Your perfect wedding ring can be a gift for your partner, or you can design a piece together. 2-3 weeks later, your wedding rings will be delivered to your home! If you find a wedding rings style you love in our collection or showroom, and wish to add a sort of personalization,  you can take advantage of our free engraving services.

Types of men's wedding rings 

Did you read this and think, “What?! There is more than one type of men's wedding ring!?” Yes, and you have come to the right jewellery page to shop! At Orla James, we pride ourselves on delivering more results with many styles, materials and sizes - all for a great price.


We stock items in many ring shapes. If you’re a fan of traditional jewellery, you’ll love to shop the Classic Court collection. This style offers a rounded interior and exterior, creating a soft, rounded piece of jewellery. If you value comfort, this is your sign to go for a classic court ring!

Second is the d-shaped offering a rounded shape, that is slim, so it fits tight, offering great durability, and is designed to be worn while being active.

Flat rings within men's wedding rings are a great example of traditional meeting modern. The style is flat on top, with no oval shape. Within affordability terms, our collection of flat rings is at a reasonable price.

For a combination of shapes, a flat Court ring style fits the bill. It makes for stunning wedding rings with a rounded interior but a flat side which is less domed from the side. It is a popular ring style as it's a wonderful combination of styles, making it timeless.

If you often wear jewellery and rings, you know which band size you are, so you can freely shop and browse our collection. If you don't know, however, you can shop our rings to expertly assess your size.

Luckily, we offer a sample shopping experience for sample rings delivered to your front door! This allows you to shop for multiple rings to wear and get advice from your loved ones. This will save you a trip to our jewellery shop and helps you find the results you want. Plus, we offer this at a refundable price of just the shipping! In affordability terms, this service can't be beaten!

Metal type and gold

Our men's wedding rings are available in platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

  • Platinum is considered the most precious and rarest category of metals we sell. Platinum has a stunning white, almost silver colour that consistently shines and glows. Platinum is extremely durable, so is perfect for the active and on the go groom and as it's hypoallergenic, great for men with sensitive skin. 

  • Palladium has a gorgeous and masculine grey dark shine that is rare to achieve in another metal type., While being classy and elegant, this metal is often found in the sale category as it typically rings up at ⅓ the price of metal like platinum. Palladium is a terrific metal for busy men as it is durable, resistant to corrosion and hypoallergenic.

  • White Gold is for the groom who loves a bit of bling! While white gold requires a rhodium plating every few years, the shine and lacquer of white gold are timeless, bright and brilliant. Thanks to the special offers of our lifetime promise, your plating service will be of no cost.

  • Yellow Gold is for the sentimental groom who prefers tradition. Our yellow gold is available in 9ct yellow gold and 18ct.

  • Rose Gold offers a romantic hue of pink, making it a great option for matching sets! Rose Gold is a trendy option mixing modern and traditional.

  • Finally, silver is timeless and great for the husband that wishes to keep their jewellery plain and easy. As it is considered a common stone, it is a great option for a budget wedding.

Caring for your men's wedding ring 

Luckily, caring for your jewellery is nice and easy! We suggest that you bring in your wedding ring yearly for a check-up. At Orla James, we are proud to offer lifetime care and polishing regardless of the metal type or materials. This includes all categories of rings including rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. During the check-up, your jewellery will be checked for any loose settings, worn prongs, moved the stone, or any other issues. You can clean your ring at home using a soft toothbrush and warm water, too.

Are men's wedding rings fashionable? 

Absolutely! Celebrities such as David Beckham and Kanye West have made wedding bands in a variety of metal a top fashion accessory. Orla James rings allow you to pick something to showcase your style and personality while celebrating your true love! You can keep it plain or our brand of wedding rings can even include a gemstone, diamonds, or other stones - whatever you want!

How Orla James can Help

With extensive services, free additions, and professional expertise in all things wedding rings for the lucky groom, you can trust Orla James for your wedding. One's wedding is a day full of stress, but with our services, your wedding ring selection can - and will be - seamless. While we are based in England, our rings are available wherever! Contact us today to learn more.

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