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Wedding Rings and Bands for Men

Mens Wedding Rings

As men’s wedding rings become increasingly popular so the selection of available styles and designs is also continuously growing. Once, a simple gold band was all that most men wanted. But today there are both traditional and contemporary designs to consider alongside various precious metals including platinum, palladium, white gold, rose gold as well as traditional yellow gold. Today's men are much more style conscious. They are much more used to wearing various forms of jewellery and are therefore far more discerning when it comes to selecting their wedding rings. This is why, at, we cater for all tastes, from traditional to highly contemporary, modern designs as worn by stylish celebrities.

How to Select the Right Mans Wedding Band

To help you make this important decision we've put together this helpful Guide to Mens Wedding Rings. But we understand that everybody is busy these days - so here's a summary step-by-step guide for you.

  1. Do you already know your ring size? If not, don't worry. We provide a free ring sizer tool which you can use to accurately determine your correct ring size.
  2. The next decision to make is the profle of the ring metal. Choose between flat, classic, D-shaped or flat-court profiles.
  3. Then you need to think about the width of the wedding band. This can be a tricky decision which is best determined by trial. This is why we provide our 'try before you buy'  sample service enabling you to check out a sample wedding ring at home.
  4. The ring metal also needs to be decided. You might choose platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver or palladium. If you have any special requirements don't hesitate to contact us because we love to help!
  5. You've almost made all of the important wedding ring decisions. But you should give some consideration to the styling of your desired ring. You might choose a traditional plain style or a patterned style. Or you may have some specific bespoke ideas. We love to hear about these!
  6. Something else to consider is - do you want diamonds in your ring? This is becoming increasingly popular in mens wedding rings.
  7. You can design your own unique wedding ring or alternatively come along to our jewellery design studios and make your own wedding rings. This is becoming increasingly popular as people like to make the whole process that little bit more special and unique.

Always remember that we are here to help and will not pressure you to make a buying decision. 

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