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Wedding Rings from Orla James 

Are you looking for the perfect wedding ring for your perfect person?! Orla James is an expert in designing wedding bands in a variety of styles and metals to commemorate your big wedding day.  

The right metal type is an important decision for your special day. Orla Jame’s offers wedding bands in classic, luxurious gold ranging from 9ct gold - to 22ct gold, which is the purest gold that can reasonably be made into rings. White gold is a stylish choice, with 18ct white gold being the most popular, especially as the light white gold shade pairs well with diamonds and other gemstones. There is also yellow gold available, a mixture of pure gold mixed with alloy metals like copper and zinc, the nicest being 18ct yellow gold. Finally, there is rose gold, a wonderful mixture of gold that adds in copper to give it its sweet pink hue. 

Aside from gold, wedding rings can be made in other metals. Platinum is becoming an increasingly popular choice, due to platinum’s durability and scratch resistance, a subtle nod to a couple's unbreakable bond. Titanium rings are strong and trustworthy, with a memorable silvery metallic appearance. However, due to their durability, it must be the right ring size, as it can be difficult to resize. Tungsten is another modern and prominent ring, composed of a steel coloured metal that is hard to tarnish, making it very long-lasting. 

Orla James's wedding band collection is extensive, but if you don’t fall head over heels for one, we offer couples the chance to design their very own ring style! This one of a kind experience grants couples exclusive use of Orla James’s charming jewellery studio in the heart of Sussex, England. Couples will be led by an expert jeweller that will take you step by step through the entire process. Your perfect ring for the big day can be made by yourself, for your partner, or you can design them together.  

Take the personalization a step further with engraving! Orla James offers engraving that can be done before or after the wedding, for the amazing price of $0 You may choose to get your wedding date engraved, an eternal symbol, initials, or a special something that reflects your relationship. 

Types of wedding rings 

While there are many wedding rings in our collection, your wedding ring should reflect your unique partnership. Some couples prefer to shop together, while others prefer to surprise the other. Some couples like to celebrate their commitment by having rings with matching material, style and shape, whereas others like to highlight their flair and personal style. It’s entirely up to you! 

While shopping, it's good practice to try on Orla James rings with your engagement ring already on to help with matching the two styles and for sizing purposes. 

Since the shape of the ring is important, for both comfort and appearance, it’s worth looking at the different options that are available to you. As a luxury brand, we stock plenty of options at all times. Our shapes include:

  • Court Shaped: Comfortable to wear due to the curvature on the outside and the inside, and less likely to catch on clothing. 

  • D Shaped: Rounded on the outside but flat on the inside.

  • Flat Court: Curved on the inside for comfort, but flat on the outside.

After determining the shape, it's all about style. We have plenty of options in this category, including: 

  • Plain: “Plain” doesn't give these charming rings justice! Our rings in this category are stunning and timeless. They are a very popular ring style as women tend to keep things simple for their wedding ring to not distract from their engagement. Plus, the groom is not used to donning jewellery, so this style tends to suit well. 

  • Patterned: Patterned rings are perfect for couples who want to stand out and make a statement with their wedding ring. The patterns include simple grooved lines, concave, tiled and satin. 

  • Diamond: You can never go wrong with an elegant and glamorous diamond. These wedding bands match with different gemstones, yellow gold, and other materials to add alluring sparkle to every hand. 

  • Shaped: If your desire to have an unforgettable, rare wedding ring, shaped rings are perfect for that. We offer a variety of shapes such as v-shape, square-shape, twist, side curve and more. 

  • Two-Toned: To symbolise two people coming together to build one life, the two-toned wedding rings do that just right. By combining two precious metals, the result is a sophisticated and modern look that creates a stunning ring.  

Of course, as mentioned, we can also enhance the experience by helping to design the ring of your dreams - that only you and your partner will have! We provide independent advice and can expertly assess your needs based on affordability terms and style, to find results you’ll be happy with for years to come. 

Caring for your wedding ring

It is good practice to bring in your wedding ring yearly for a check-up! At Orla James, we are proud to offer lifetime care and polishing. During the check-up, the jewellery will be checked for any loose settings, worn prongs to any other issues. If you notice anything out of place or if your ring gets caught on fabric, bring it to us to ensure everything is alright!  In between checkups, you can clean and polish your ring by softly scrubbing them with a soft, toothbrush and warm water. 

Can Wedding Rings be fashionable?

There is nothing more fashionable than showcasing your true love, right on display for the world to know! For decades, the “traditional” wedding band has been the simple, metal band in yellow gold to represent eternity, love and devotion. You can take the traditional approach or take it up a notch by adding a cool shape for something different! Or, go in a different direction completely and make something modern with your stamp! 

How Orla James Can Help You?

With 98% positive ratings, there is a reason our services are delivering more results for happy couples every day. We are committed to delivering high-quality rings and will help throughout the entire process. The first stage is our free ring size, which is delivered right to your home, easy to use and for men and women to determine the perfect ring size. Then, we offer sample rings, delivered right to your home, for you to try to get a feel for it. If that isn't enough, we offer free delivery on every order, a full refund for a year, incredible prices that you would think should be in the sale category of rings, free lifetime polishing, and free resing. We also offer ring designing, so couples can have exactly what they want! We aim to keep our prices affordable while never compromising on design and beauty. 

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