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Palladium Wedding Rings

Over time, the palladium wedding ring has grown in popularity meeting the durable and unique styles sought by thousands of couples. Renowned for it’s lustrous shine and precious status, palladium shares many qualities with its close relative, platinum.  Qualities include high resistance to corrosion and scratch damage. Part of our Orla James Promise includes services to help keep your palladium wedding ring eternal with free polishing when needed for the lifetime of the ring.  Palladium’s versatile nature allows us to provide customers with a huge variety and range of wedding rings for both men and women. Our styles include classic shapes and fits for those who want tradition, and new alternative styles for those who want something more unique and personal. You can find these in our patterned and shaped ranges.

What is Palladium?

Palladium is a white, malleable metal very similar to platinum. While it is similar to platinum's beautiful silvery-white luster and distinct shine, palladium is less dense, easier to work with and more readily available, yet remains a precious metal with a subtle slightly darker finish. Recent trends in wedding rings have brought palladium to the forefront of fashion as couples discover its unique qualities, as well as its resistant nature which many see as symbolism of love and their relationship.

Tracing back to its discovery in 1802, palladium was being offered to small shops in Soho by William Hyde Wollaston. He however never named the person who had discovered said metal. He and Richard Chenevix found new fame after selling and experimenting on this new material, publishing journals and news articles discussing how it compared to old discoveries and other metals.

It was named after the asteroid ‘Pallas’, which was discovered two months earlier, and since then palladium has found uses across all industries, such as in medicines and in the automobile industry.  Eventually, production was continuously disrupted and delayed by a number of factors, yet global demand got higher and higher and is still rising to this day. It is found most commonly in Russia, which produces 44% of the world’s share of palladium alongside South Africa, which closely follows at 40%. Other countries include Canada and the US.

Palladium jewellery tends to have a signature white quality, with distinctive metallic lustre and bright, luminous style. As it comes from the same family as platinum, palladium shares many of its qualities, not only it’s lustrous shine, but also it’s impervious nature. These qualities include resistance to scratching, alongside corrosion defiance. Another notable feature that is popular amongst our customers is that palladium is a hypoallergenic metal.

To ensure that the shine of your palladium ring remains as bright, we offer a whole range of services including: free polishing, free resizing and free engraving on most of our Orla James rings whenever you feel like it, and that’s our promise.

How popular are Palladium Wedding Rings?

As a gender-neutral and readily available metal, palladium is becoming an increasingly in-demand ring metal. With boundless possibilities, the versatility of palladium has made for many beautiful and stylish wedding rings for both men and women and the majority of lifestyles.

To add more sparkle to the already luminescent qualities of palladium, we stock a variety of diamond set palladium wedding rings. From full set diamond rings, to our ever-popular half set princess cut diamond ring, there are more ways than ever to shine with the help of Orla James.

We also offer our brides a huge range of shaped rings, for example our wishbone wedding rings, our curved rings, and our various twisted and crossover rings break from the typical wedding band and add a sense of personality and fun. Many also come with diamond set alternatives!

We at Orla James offer one of the widest selections of men’s palladium wedding rings. For our grooms, we stock a selection of patterned rings, showcasing grooves, finishes and sophisticated decoration that will highlight the allure of your palladium wedding ring, as well as the traditional plain wedding bands in various fits that we at Orla James are famous for, alongside our Sample Service that allows you to order a selection of rings in different shapes and sizes to try before you buy.  All our samples are made of silver to allow you to try the shape and fit of the ring of your choice.

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