18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Rings For Women

Gold Rings for Women

Gold has long been the precious metal of choice used in the creation of various stylish, attractive pieces of stunning jewellery throughout history. Wedding rings are probably one of the most highly valued pieces of personal jewellery, which is why gold is the favoured metal chosen for these symbols of betrothal and devotion. Gold is a beautiful, lustrous metal which does not corrode or tarnish in the air, retaining it’s wonderful appearance throughout your lifetime. So when you are considering wedding ring options gold must be at the top of your list.

Wedding rings are believed to have been worn in ancient Egypt, around 6000BC. These are documented to have been made from woven hemp or reeds. The circle was considered to be a symbol of eternity so the wedding ring signified perpetual love and lifelong commitment. It was the ancient Egyptians who originated the custom of wearing a wedding ring on what we now call the ring finger, which was thought to contain a vein directly connected to the heart.

In the United States it was customary for only women to wear wedding rings up until the 20th century when both husbands and wives would exchange rings. Many women prefer yellow gold rings over other precious metals as the warmer colour is considered by many to be a better match for their skin tone.

18 Carat Yellow Gold

Pure gold is referred to as 24 carat, meaning that it has a purity of 99.95 to 100%. Gold which is 18 carat contains between 75% and 79.16% pure gold. 24 carat pure gold is very soft and malleable making it unsuitable for many forms of jewellery. This is why it is mixed with other metals, such as copper or silver, producing a tougher alloy that remains workable but is much harder wearing than pure gold. The term ‘yellow gold’ refers to the original, well known, traditional gold colour. It has a very warm glow which many people feel matches their skin tone better than silvery precious metals which are cooler in appearance.

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