18ct Rose Gold Patterned Wedding Rings

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Rose gold wedding rings have a warmer colour tone than plain gold and is much warmer in appearance than platinum, palladium or silver. Many people prefer the appearance of rose gold which is considered by many to be a better match to their skin tones.

Gold used in jewellery always includes other metals to create a gold alloy that is tougher and far more durable than pure gold. 18 Carat gold has a high level (75%) of pure gold content. Copper is added to create the warmer, rose colouring and silver is also often included to modify the colour tone. 18 Carat rose gold still contains 75% pure gold.

Patterned or Plain?

When considering and selecting your wedding rings you will need to decide between patterned or plain styles. Plain wedding rings tend to be considered more traditional than the variety of patterned designs which are available today. Patterned wedding rings vary from simple lines to more elaborate grooves, bevelled edges and tiled patterns. The variety of patterns allows you to choose styles which match your personalities and how you like to present yourselves. A patterned wedding ring is somewhat more distinct than a plain ring.

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